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Faster, Safer, Cheaper Commutes

Like many of you, I commute, and one of my top priorities is to ensure you’re able to spend more time with your families. I have a record of working with my colleagues to shorten commutes by accelerating road projects, constructing missing links, fighting Greenway toll hikes, and expanding commuter bus service. I have also protected our communities by reducing cut-thru traffic and speeding within many of our neighborhoods, and fighting to better maintain our rural roads.  



  • Fought to add numerous new Blue Ridge District transportation projects in the County’s Capital Improvement Plan, to include several on Rt 7, Rt 50, Rt 15 and Rt 9, along with many others. 

  • Helped secure over $14 million for the Hillsboro Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Improvement project along Rt 9. 

  • Worked with Congress to help secure $25 million TIGER Grant to help fund the extension of Northstar Blvd from Shreveport Drive to Rt 50.

  • Helped replace traffic signals with interchanges along Rt 7. 

  • Helped end state-mandated automatic annual Greenway toll rate hikes and fought to hold the Greenway accountable for the level of service improvements written in the operating agreement. 

  • Funded and ensured construction of multiple lane widening’s and missing link additions to include the Rt 606 widening and missing links along Claiborne Road and Loudoun County Pkwy.

  • Secured full funding for the Rt 7/Rt 690 Interchange, the Rt 9/Rt 287 Roundabout, over $12 million for future improvements to the Rt 7/Rt 287 Interchange.

  • Funded current Evergreen Mills Road and Watson Road Safety and Operational Studies and future Safety and Operational Studies for all primary rural routes such as Rt 9, Rt 15, Rt 287 and others.

  • Worked to replace and accelerate planned traffic signals with roundabouts in the Rt 50 Traffic Calming Corridor to include new roundabouts at Rt 50/Trailhead Drive and Rt 50/Everfield Drive. 

  • Worked with affected communities and the Rural Roads Sub-committee to identify customized paving solutions to preserve the rural character of Greggsville Road and Williams Gap Road which needed improved surfaces due to high volume daily traffic counts.  

  • Worked to increase and improve western commuter bus routes.